Ujaya has fifteen plus years of combined experience in the field of management, strategic 360 degree communication/branding and social communication development. He has developed and implemented successful advertising campaigns, media & PR strategy and behavior change communication programs. He has made a prominent footprint for integrated planning skill across the corporate world and development sector communication.

He has been a regular columnist for the branding & advertising in The Himalayan Times and a steady contributor in Campaign Asia-Pacific.

The book is a compilation of the writer's contributions to the "Brand Basics" column of The Himalayan Times' Perspectives. The chapters of the book touch upon the diverse topics of brand building, rural marketing, advertising and marketing communication with key lessons & examples cited from both local & international case studies.

Editor Brandsutra

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I will underline the fact that this is a necessary primer, the foundation book for every student of marketing and branding... Prof. Ujjwal K Chowdhury Dean, Media-Communication-Design, Amity University, Mumbai
  • Complexities and dynamics of brand communication have been elucidated in easy to comprehend crisp essays - a welcome addition to the body of marketing writing.

    Srinavasan Swamy
    Chairman, R K SWAMY HANSA Group & President, IAA India Chapter & VP-Development, IAA Asia Pacific
  • Brandsutra - comes with the pristine winds of the Himalayas. Pure in thought. Sharp and bright. Opinion backed with experience of capturing consumers in action. Brandsutra is a must read for all lovers of Brands, regardless of location and orientation. My best wishes to Ujaya for this courageous compilation of shared experiences.

    Sunit Lulla
    Chairman & Managing Director, GREY group India
  • "Real brand building is all about brand's behaviour--great lesson" -- A must read for all brand managers.

    KV Sridhar Pops
    Chief Creative Officer, Sapient Nitro IndiaFormer Chief Creative Officer - South Asia, Leo Burnett
  • After reading Ujaya's Brandsutra, you realize that Marketing doesn't have to be that difficult to understand or plan. Nor does it need to be expensive to implement. In fact, once you understand the basics, and see how they apply to your business, you'll find yourself thinking of new ideas on a regular basis.

    Bharat Avalani
    Marketing Consultant and former Regional IBC Director, Unilever Asia AMET
  • I love the simplicity of BrandSutra. Its conversational style makes it very reader-friendly. Most importantly, it has some rich local experiences woven into it.

    Kaushik Roy
    President - Brand Strategy & Marketing Communication, Reliance Industries Limited
  • Questions that every marketing and advertising person must ask himself are answered in Ujaya's book with earnest logic and simplicity that comes from deep understanding of the issues.

    Nitish Mukherjee
    Strategic Advisor - South Asia Leo Burnett
  • Ujaya is the "Tenzing" of Branding and Communications boldly making an ascent from remote Nepal. Enjoy his unique advertising insights and wish him more peaks to climb!

    Sukrit Singh
    CEO, Encompass
  • I have known Ujaya over the last 10 years and I cant think of a better and more suited person than Ujaya in Nepal to write about Advertising and Branding. The book goes into all the details of advertising and branding and is a must read for those who want to take their brand to the next level or utilize the power of advertising for their brands.

    Lara Balsara Vajifdar
    Executive Director, Madison World
  • Brandsutra, a book on advertising and branding by Ujaya Shakya, will definitely help young professionals in the marketing and advertising industry to get a better understanding on things that are required to build strong brands.

    Geeteara Safiya Choudhury
    Founder & Chairman, Adcomm Limited
  • Brandsutra is the modern day treatise setting forth rules for Brands, Advertising and everything between them. This surely is one of the most passionately written books in this domain by a hard-core p

    Dhunji S. Wadia
    President, Rediffusion-Y&R
  • Brandsutra is a unique book not just for academics but also for practitioners of today as Ujaya has brought life to the idea of communications not through the traditional routes of marketing or PR but that of communication itself. He uses the Sanskrit philosophy of Panchatatwa or the five elements underlining the importance of variety, balance and co-existence in the context of branding.

    Sharif D Rangnekar
    Past President of PRCAI and Former Board Member of ICCO and PROI, part of the Global Power List, 2015, PR Week
  • Ujaya’s insights in advertising and marketing are well reflected in this book which actually is highly relevant in our Nepalese context. This publication should be very useful to any marketing & advertising professional, entrepreneur & management student.

    Abhaya Gorkhalee
    Marketing Manager, Dabur Nepal
  • Clear, concise, practical, insider revelation and more, Brandsutra should be a guidebook for students and handbook for professionals.

    Angad Basnet Chettri
    Creative Director, Outreach Nepal
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